Blackpool contests


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when you say blackpool contests, do you mean the areas or the grand shield/senior cup/senior trophy?


will be there for grand shield series, got a rehersal the day of the north west areas so could have problems there. we'll see.


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Going over to drink at the NW Areas. Will be there at the Senior Cup. Guess the test piece will come out later on in the year.


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The good people of Manx Concert Brass will be making their annual pilgrimage across the seas to the NW areas and (after playing of course) will be partaking in the usual shedful of ale in the Galleon bar (look out for the black polo shirts - drinking uniform) before heading down to Scruffy Murphys for a few more before arriving at oblivion sometime in the early hours.

Takes me weeks to get over it - must be getting old


I'll be there for the Senior Cup--Had a quick warm-up with Journey Into Freedom the other night.
It's bound to get good by May :?
a few of the guys are predicting a close contest


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I realise its too late for this year, but how do you get into the Senior Trophy? Is it invitational or can anyone enter?


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Accidental said:
I realise its too late for this year, but how do you get into the Senior Trophy? Is it invitational or can anyone enter?

Invitation but I think you can apply to be invited.


Broxburn will be making their debut in the Senior Trophy this year, hopefully get a decent placing too. Full weekend in blackpool? I'm saving up already!!

Anybody heard this Concerto for band by John Golland yet then? Can't say I know it, but I like a bit of Golland so hopefully it'll be a goody


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brilliant piece :)
toby will definately back me up on this one ;) (he's being a boc and rating all the scores we play out of 10.. concerto got an 8 wasnt it tobias?)
its a cracking piece.. didnt know it was gonna be used at the shield contests. which contest is it for?
salford band are playing it in our "golland & co" concert on march 16th


It's the piece for the Senior Trophy!
Just got the parts out tonight to have a look at, what the hell is that Trombone cadenza all about???????????????????????

Should be fun anyway, I like my two octave glisses 8)


I can imagine, the uni band halls echoing enough without having a trombone splatting it's way through lip glisses.

Still, it should maybe attract a few more punters in to hear the Trophy bands, if only for the comedy and entertainment value :?

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Yea, I think we will be there.

As for the test piece...well if we can get the BBb basses from arguing with the 2nd cornet, we might actually get somewhere.

he he he he he he !!!! :twisted:

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