Blackpool 13/14 March 2004

Had to cancel my hotel booking as i'm away down south doing a recording.
Would be the first year i'd gone as a spectator too, had lots of beer planned.


The Girlfriend and I are going. We're staying in the New Osterley on Adelaide Street with my old band who we'll be there supporting as unfortunately littleborough aren't competing this year :cry:


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I'll be there on the 14th, and making sure the band coach doesn't do anything silly like leaving before the bar closes... :shock:


Yup count me in too!!Be a bit strange not playing this year.Not sure if i'm gonna have to drive yet though could be a very sober day :cry: Good luck to my former band Wire Brass in the Second section.See you all in the bar after hopefully without my car keys :D


Staying over at the Metropole on the front, on 13th and 14th. Will just about make brekkie on the 14th but not too sure about the evening meal :lol:


ill be walking there from my house and crawling back at early hours after a beer and a curry (or a few)

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