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I was just wondering as the rest of the retail world goes mad with there numerous offers on top of their normal offers in what has become Black Friday I wondered has: -
  • Anyone seen any offers linked with this in mind in the brass band world for models like Sovereign, Neo etc etc
  • Also similar what about uniforms, stand banner manufacturers too
  • Any traders out there want to make us aware of their offers.
I am sure there are bands, individuals out their that may be thinking of replacing the odd instrument or 2 and any cash saving is always welcome.

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Why? and When? did this become part of the UK shopping, We do not celebrate Thanksgiving so why did we get the bad bit without the Thursday national day of holiday too?


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It's one more example of this government's "Bread and circuses" policy.
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It's one more example of this government's "Bred and circuses" policy.
I'm not certain but did you mean 'Bread and Circuses policy' and if so what does that actually mean. I don't recall seeing or hearing the introduction of Black Friday being announced as the policy of any political party, but it seems to me that it arrived (or started to) whilst Labour and Blair were in power.

The policy of any Goverment will always be questioned and none of them seem to get everything perfect - probably an impossible task. One area that the current Goverment seems to have done something very positive about is unemployment which has decreased by 1/3 under them, don't feel you have to take my word for that as here are the ONS figures Unemployment rate - Office for National Statistics.

Thinking about Black Friday sales, I noticed that Big Shinny Brass had a one day only sale. IMHO their stuff isn't expensive and is worth having at anytime so there were some genuine bargains to be had then from them.
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I mean it's great fun watching people attacking each other over cheap tat and frippery on television. It keeps the people from noticing their rights being eroded bit by bit. Theresa May has sneaked a few horrific things past the British people over the past few weeks. They could stop this insanity if they wanted to, but it suits them to let it happen because it keeps people's minds off the reality of their situation.