Black Dyke concert in Hornchurch

Ross Berry

I saw the band in concert yesterday.

A good programme that was light enough for the blue rinse brigade but had enough substance for the bando's.

Few deps and all of the big names featured.

At first I thought that it was a long journey for a 2 hour programme although subsequently realised that they were in Bedford yesterday and so obviously made a weekend of it.

However I still wondered whether those of you who play in the top bands (and we don't need to start that debate again!) find this kind of gig a drag or if you actually enjoyed the away trips.

If anyone was at Bedford it would be interesting to know if what they played and if it was more or less the same.


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I presume it will most likely have been more or less identical.
the travelling is quite tedious sometimes, but if we do an overnighter we normally manage to have a good night out on the town somewhere :)


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You obviously play for the world famous Black Dyke Band...

Are you trying to say that, even though you have a very very busy concert and recording schedule, you still have clever, innovative programmes, that vary from concert to concert?

I have always admired Dyke for the way they champion new music for band - I especailly enjoyed the piece with sitar....What other new pieces have you played in the last 6 months?

Don Meeglioni

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