Bits and Bobs for sale


Hey guys, I have a few bits and bobs for sale:

- Besson Compensating C Tuba - £2,500

Cut from a Besson New Standard BBb Bass by Andrew Clennel in Birmingham. Used by myself for professional auditions until now.

Comes with hard Besson case, which needs repair; missing a wheel and the shell has a hole where this once was. Not that you want to be lugging this around in a hard case!

Might suit someone who has played C in brass bands previously but didn’t get that matching sound. Also could be used to get used to C fingering before you add the fifth valve or for those who don’t/can’t use their little fingers like myself due to injury etc.

Pictures here: Besson Compensating C Tuba | in Lambeth, London | Gumtree

- Leather Euphonium Gig Bag - £100

Leather Euphonium gig bag in a tan/brown colour.

Don't know much about this case other than it came with a Euphonium I bought years ago and kept since because it was a good case. No makers mark on it, but it was rumoured to be an older reunion blues case (don't quote me on this one, but happy to be corrected!).

Not sure of the value so i've listed as £100 bearing in mind that new leather cases around £300. Open to offers however.

Pictures here: Leather Euphonium Gig Bag | in Lambeth, London | Gumtree

- York Eb Tuba - £850

3 Valve American Eb Tuba. Comes with detachable bell and soft case for the body. Plays well and in tune, and suitable for those events with low ceilings where you can't use a sousaphone.

Pictures here: York Eb Tuba | in Lambeth, London | Gumtree

- B&S 8/2 tuba mouthpiece - £30

a few knocks but nice to play

- Unbranded tuba mouthpiece - £20

Probably from a Wessex or Gear 4 Music tuba.

- Denis Wick 2.5CC Tuba Mouthpiece- £50

No knocks, barely used, could do with a polish. RRP £155.48

- Wessex 24L Tuba Mouthpiece - £40

Nearly new condition. £75 on the Wessex website.

- Unbranded (Bass) trombone mouthpiece - £10

Large shank. Tarnished but never used, not sure what it came with, but possible with an Elkhart Bass Trombone I used to have.

- Besson 25 Tuba Mouthpiece - £25

Could do with a polish but in decent nick. Don’t think they make these anymore.

- Unbranded tuba mouthpiece - £20

Needs a clean but no apparent knocks. Again, probably came with an old Wessex or Gear 4 Music tuba.

- Denis Wick 2L - £45

Needs a polish. Some small knocks but pretty good nick. Not used for about 10 years.

Mouthpiece pictures -

Pick up from Brixton, London for all items. Happy to deliver items for buyers in Birmingham, Antwerp or Brussels when i'm on my travels (subject to travel charges in the latter two). Pictures can be found on the facebook links.

Take the lot off me for £3400 :)