Sold/Expired Bits and Bobs for sale


Hi Folks!

I've got a variety of bits and bobs for sale;

Wessex CC Tuba

Bought (i believe!) in 2012. Used for a few shows during 2012/13, but I haven’t really used it since apart from playing around at home.

It’s a 4/4 size, copy of the Miraphone 186 CC tuba with five rotary valves. The fifth is a long tone.

There’s a couple of little dints in the bell, but i couldn’t manage to photograph them. The slides and the main body have nothing that I can see. There is a little wear to the paddles where my fingers have been which you can see in the photos, but this doesn’t detract from playability. I have a cat, so there's a couple of scratch marks on the case, but it’s pretty hardy and purely cosmetic.

I had a little toot before I took these photos and don’t really want to sell, but alas, i live in a small flat and it never sees the light of day that it deserves.

Photos here;

Dropbox - CC Tuba photos

Looking for around £1850 ono.

Wessex Eb/F Bubbie Tuba.

In good nick, all valves and slides move, one tiny little pinhead dent on the bell but that's all i can find. Comes with hard case and Eb and F slides.

As some of you know, this was sold by Wessex as a travel tuba, and it has come in use over the years. Perfect for keeping your lip in, and pretty good for marching too. Small enough to take on the plane as hand luggage. I've used this for a variety of shows, including Hosen Brass as well some workshop and recording work where it worked really well miced up.

Photos here;

Dropbox - Bubbie Photos

This is the original Wessex Bubbie, not the one they are selling at the moment. The newest one starts at £1750 - I'm looking for £900, however I'm open to offers.

Gear 4 Music Eb Tuba 'hard' case

Designed for a 'Fletcher' leadpipe instrument, but can squeeze in an 'L' shaped leadpipe. Originally from a Gear 4 Music Coppergate Tuba (which i still have!), but no longer needed and taking up space. Has front pocket and shoulder straps.

Photos here;

Dropbox - Eb Tuba Case photos

Looking for offers for this.

Wessex Tubas Euphonium 'hard' case

Similar to the Gear 4 Music case above, but designed for the compensating Euphonium. Has a front pocket and shoulder straps. There is the Wessex logo embroidered on this case.

Also looking for offers for this case.

Everything based in NW3, London. Would prefer collection, but if you didn't mind things not being wrapped (I'm currently at home with a broken ankle so not able to box/wrap at the moment!) then I'm happy for you to arrange a courier.


Gear 4 Music Tuba case now sold. Euphonium case sale pending.

Would consider trades for the Bubbie - perhaps a good nick Conn 6H/King 3B/Bach 12 tenor trombone?

james edwards

New Member
Completely unrelated to these items but is the coppergate eeb bass worth buying? How do you cope with the straight leadpipe?


Hi James!

In short, it's not a bad buy in my opinion.

I bought mine four or five years ago for about £1500, spent £100 on changing the leadpipe to a Besson 982 'L' shaped leadpipe and used it as a back up horn for my professional work every since. I've currently been using it for the last four months as my main instrument and it blows well.

I did have an issue with the valve stem in which it kept coming loose whilst performing, but I had that repaired by soldering it on to the valve which was a relatively cheap job. It did the trick and not had any other problems since. The lacquer has also lasted much longer than that of my York which I bought in 2010 - I've had no bleeding at all on the Coppergate but have had quite a bit on my York.

Sound wise, it's not going to have the colour of something like a Besson 980/983 or even a York Preference, but to me it blows pretty similar to the 1980's 981 I used to play when i started Music College. It does also blow a bit flat on the top concert Bb/treble clef G, but once you get used to altering it it's fine.

For a £1700 horn all in, in comparison to £3/4k for a second hand Besson/York/Yamaha or a brand new instrument at £6-8k, I think I've had a pretty good deal.


james edwards

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thank you, one more question, does it come with a large bore receiver out of the case, e.g. being able to use a DW 3L mouthpiece or a Bach 24AW?