Bigger birds?

Big Twigge

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Recently I've been noticing that birds (of the winged variety) appear to be getting larger. I keep seeing enormous blackbirds and huge evil penguins (pigeons)!
Is it just me?


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you're right, they're getting bigger... I've been feeding them up to use as my army when I try to take over the world... is that a problem for anyone?


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I didn't know about them :shock:
I remembered hearing a news story about secret documents being released recently that mentioned pigeons in the army, so I looked to see what the almighty google knew about it.

Dave Euph

Interesting observation?! :?

I don't see many birds (maybe I just don't go out much!) so I can't really comment ;)


Not sure about birds but I have had this enormous blue bottle zooming around the office all week and i swear if it dive bombs me once more its dead! :evil:

2nd man down

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Don't suppose the nurses moved your chair nearer the window did they, that way they would look a bit bigger! :wink:


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The crows that loiter outside work have ballooned - they're like Ravens now. And we trapped a wasp with a body an inch long the other day.


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wot a random post....... i cant say i have noticed them getting bigger, but then i havent really been paying much attention to the size of them, just too busy making sure they dont poo on my head actually...


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apparently if you feed pigeons rice they get much bigger very quickly... hehehehehe :twisted:

disclaimer: do not feed pigeons rice. I cannot be held accountable for any pigeons that explode in your face...

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