BEWARE - Contains "Harry Potter" Spoilers!!!!!

Firstly I must comment Dinnie - it was excellent and a most professional Moderator skill that you used in the first post - if it was spoilt for people it was their own fault. As for the rest of people well how exciting!!!!!!

I'm very sad about Dumbledore but can't help attributing the greatest of compassion to JK Rowling for that, watching the replacement Dumbledore wouldn't be the same so she did all of the viewers a favour! Yet I can't help thinking that he isn't really dead due to Snape. Amongst many believers it was all planned and in the 7th book Snape will will be proved innocent (despite personally hating his guts)

Just ask Bagpuss, I am a true Potter fan from the days before it was famous. My second book is also a second edition 10987654321 but is paper back so is worth approx £500, despite paying about £5! Just ask Darren (aka Bagpuss) about his trip to Hogwarts. We re-created Hogwarts, each house represented by a person and we had dinner in the 'great hall'. It was most excellent.

All praise JK Rowling.