Bestwood Welfare Black Diamonds in Concert


Tonight at Chilwell Methodist Church, Beeston, the band are playing a concert to be conducted by Brian Draper. It is the first concert of the season for the band, starting at 7.30pm. :D

For further details please ring the band's PR Officer Richard Greenwood on tel: 0115 9529705.

PS Sorry for the short notice, am sat in a local library using a computer whilst trying to figure out what is wrong with my computer at home!!! :evil:


Well - the morning after!
It was a good concert - it was great to see you again raspberry and sparkly.
It is great when there is a concert 5 mins from your house - yeah!!
They are a great bunch of peaps especially down the pub so if you are free to join them then do!!
Well done Bestwood a good concert, good to see you on the up. :D :D :D


Thanks Sammy - nice to see you too! Don't forget to come up to Bestwood for a visit sometime! Will let you know when our next band social is - its bounds to be in Nottm City Centre - starting at a pub somewhere.......... :shock:

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