Best Trombone Player


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John Pollard in his hey day was a class act, and a real character - anyone remember him? Ian Bousefield has always been a favourite, but a trombonist who I think is phenomenal is John Barber from Fodens. Fairly quiet and unassuming (not all the time, I know) he's a bit of a dark horse and has a fantstic sound and technique across the board. I'd go as far as to say he has a real sexy sound, especially in jazzy/bluesy/swing pieces - but, no, John I don't fancy you! :clap:


my money goes to James Garlick, ex top trom with Carlton Main, Brighouse and last 2 years with the BBC orchestra, stunning player and a top guy....


Joe Alessi is amazing!, a little closer to home, Rich Brown - shapes everything so musically, not overly flashy and in your face but such a phenomenal player! one of the best Ive ever been lucky enough to sit next to in a band.

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