Best solo EVER!!!!!!!!!!

What's the best solo EVER!!!!!!!!

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As promised here it is!

compiled from the information recieved in the best cornet, euph, horn and sop solos! sorry troms, we dont like u, u tried to steal my golden slippers! :lol: haha get it!!!!!

In the interests of fairness i have chosen a variety of solos!

cast ur votes now!


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It just has to be Golden Slippers for me! I've never heard it myself. but from reading many posts on here it sounds like it is the best thing EVER!!!!!! ;)


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yeh Golden Slippers is top!!! but erm.....dare i say my fave is Silver threads amongst the gold and Softly as I leave you........Silver threads isnt on there lol!!!

But i like Golden Slippers too...also a favourite.......don't kill me!! :? :x :cry:


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What about Orange Juice?!?!?! :roll:
I'll stick up for flugs, being an ex-one. But I've since seen the Eb light 8)


Best solo ever

Golden slippers is a great solo but as a cornet player I think it just goes on too long, esp when playing it. Carnival of Venice has to be the best. Everyone plays it at some point, it has numerous arrangement and is available for all instruments. It has stood the test of time and is always a crowd pleaser, even if butchered on some park job. :p


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As a Sop player, should say On with The Mot, but I never tire of listening to Napoli. Sheperd's version Webster (sorry)

Naomi McFadyen

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I'm gonna have to stick up to the percussion sections up and down the country here....
I think the best solos are percussion solos ;-)
Variations for Percussion... Rodney Newton, does it for me after I saw/heard Simone Rebello play it at Cornwall Youth Band a few years ago....


I never knew so few solos had actually been written ??

Perhaps some of our composer friends ought to start writing some solos if this is the only choice we have ?

ian perks

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Well as i got 3rd in 1991 at GROBY SOLO CONTESt in the senior section i have got to say On With THe Motley BUT PLAYED ON A BARITONE!!!!!:-D :-D

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