Best Seats in Royal Albert Hall


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Hi everyone! I'm fairly new here and will be visiting London from the USA this October. I plan on attending Nationals, was looking at seats in Royal Albert and was wondering what suggestions those that have been before have on where to sit (from an audience perspective).

Over here I really enjoy sitting in the balcony behind the band/orchestra at Chicago's Symphony Center. How do the seats behind the stage sound at Royal Albert for brass band?

Any and all recommendations are much appreciated. Really looking forward to this visit, thanks for your help!


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I've frequently sat in the orchestra seats and you hear the bands pretty well, as well as seeing them 'behind the scenes'. One thing to bear in mind is the size of the hall, which means that the seats in the 'gods' are a long way away from the stage, if you're hoping to see the bands as well as hear them.

David Evans

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Most of our band usually go and we always sit in the choir seats behind the bands. You can see the MD from the player's perspective and his entreaties, cajoling and glances which adds to the fun. You can also easily get out to visit the bar or the trade stands between performances and you will be surrounded by like minded people, all of whom will engage in animated discussions about which bands they consider the best so far. It's a great place to see performances and enjoy a great occasion.


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Many thanks to you both for replying. I went ahead and booked a seat in the choir lofts behind the band. Looking forward to it!