Best Recording by an SA Band???

John Brooks

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Just spent a few minutes reading through this old thread. Some very interesting comments on some really interesting recordings. With so much older LP material being re-issued on CD I've often wondered why what I consider iconic recordings have not received the same treatment; even as download if not on CD. For example, what I believe is the original (and only??) recording of Radiant Pathway by Les Condon and George Whittingham....if that's not an icon I don't know what is!
I was also reminded of the recording by Chalk Farm Band - Terra Beata. Somehow not in my collection - would love to get my hands on that.


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A recent thread has got my thinking about my favourite SA Band recordings. I stress, SA Band releases as I am sure that the 'Essays' series by YBS would be on the top of many peoples lists.


Kaleidascope by Enfield Citadel (early 1980s) - Maybe a great band at their peak? The band is just fantastic and with pieces like Resurgam, Call of the Righteous and Brian Bowens title track, I only wish it was available on CD. If anyone has a Cd copy of it, let me know.

I have Kaleidoscope on CD, its number is SPS 209CD, I don't know if the cd is still around, but it appears to be available for download on world of brass