Best mutes for a flugel horn

Hi all

The title of this thread is self explanatory really. I have taken time out of regular at home practicing and am hoping to get back into it, but am not confident enough to practice without a mute and am looking for recommendations regarding a mute.

I am debating either a Humes and Berg practice or cup mute, what are your thoughts?

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Agree that the Bremmer sssshhhh practice mute is excellent - amazing sound attenuation, and fairly good intonation.

Can't comment on the Humes and Berg cup mute - but the McLean cup mute is first-rate. Good intonation, and a very authentic cup-mute sound.... but not cheap.

The Wick aluminium straight mute is so-so. The Jo-Ral copper-bottomed bubble mute is fun for jazz - but rather difficult to keep in tune, and not really suitable for Band work.

One might ask why you want to mute such a beautiful instrument as a flugel....
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Another thing with flugel mutes is "try-before-you-buy" - reason being because there is less standardisation of flugel bell size/profile than with cornets/trumpets, and not all flugel mutes will fit all makes of flugel. A specific example being, the H&B Flugel Cup is too small for the bell of a Getzen Eterna flugel - I know this because I was once forced to drink three bottles of wine in order to accumulate enough cork to carry out the modifications necessary to make it fit ...


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Wow... Obviously you want to push your product, but a thread that's been dead and buried for the best part of 8 years seems a bit excessive.

(And FWIW, I had your whisper mute and wasn't particularly impressed with it, other's mileage may vary).