Best and Worst Moments on a Contest Stage


Thought I'd just get people started on their moments of glory :D and moments of shame :oops:

Here's mine to get things started :
Best - Playing a blinder on Carnival Romain ( Solo Euph ) in the Grand Shield 1990 ( I think) with Stalybridge

Worst - Cross Patonce with Bae Manchester at Pilks (1989?)
My last job with them and I had a nightmare! :evil:


Nice to see you involed in tmp blagger!!!

Worst moment was with my old band playing Chorale & Tocarta (sic) at pilks, playing really well untill the last three bars, and the conductor dicided to beat in half time after never doing it ever before, half the band carried on (me included) and the other half played with the condutor at double speed!!!! Great.

The best moments on a contest stage, is any time I hear you blag your way through a tricky run!!!


Go for it mate!!

I will give you the split top C# at the area!!! But it is a top C#!!

I can't think of any more serious ones.

Now.....if you said worst moment at rehersal, that's a whole different subject!!!!!!!!!


My worst moment on a contest stage is at the '97 finals at the Symphony Hall when some players came in 2 beats early and the rest of the band came in with the conductor. It took about 5 bars to get the band back together. Nightmare.

My best moment on a contest stage is either the areas the same year on Pennine Moors. My first areas and a massive Flugel solo that I couldnt play up until we went on stage but played it well enough fo us to qualify for Birmingham.
Or.......... its the 2002 Finals in Torquay on Leonardo where the Rep part had a solo up to top A and anyone who knows me will say I hate top A's. I had never got it in rehearsal but on the stage it came out like a dream. (Never played one since I dont think!!)

Jo x


My favourite moment was playing a blinder in the national youth championships not the most recent but the one before and the band really producing some magical moments.

The worst moment was when we were then placed last for that performance!


since iv not been banding for very long i dont really have a bad moment with brass bands but in my school band i was playing in a school concert and i was in the samba band and the windband. and they were on one after the other so after samba band i came racing down the stage steps and at the bottom slipped on a t-bar (plank of wood) that a cello player had left lying about and landed on my bum! haha

another bad moment was a windband trip to america and it was a heat wave (40c) we had to play in baltimore harbour on metal seats!! burnt our bums!

my best banding moment was playing in the edinburgh festival with a mass samba band, that was ace!

ANYWAY,,, back to brass bands. I'd have to say that my best moment was my first contest cos its so intence and gives u such an overwhelming feeling. :D :D :D


Worst moment - ok, not on a contest stage, but we where playing in a church, when I played horn, and the band was set on in layers on steps, I moved my stand forward, followed by my chair, only to end up on top of the players in front/underneath painfully embarrasing!!

Worst moment on a contest stage was a big learning curve, we needed to beat a certain band to win the 3rd section for that season, silly me had a skinful the night before and I missed a little euph solo in whatever it was we was playing (Gordon Langford's Sinfonietta I think?), thank god the rest of the band played well and we came 2nd and won the 3rd section, my MD weren't happy with me, until we got the results.....thank god!!

Best moment was playing La Belle Americain at the Youth Nationals last year, really enjoyed it, and I think I nailed the last variation......I had rehearsed the last bit a bit differently, I played a top C instead of what is written at the end for a few was soooo flat, which was a big shame for me. A case of too much warming up resulted in knackerage at the end. Ah well!!

Laserbeam bass

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I have two best moments

Winning the area this year with 23 players + percussion, and, the FFF pedal F on BBb that I hit in Celestial prospect last year. About the only good comment on the remarks that day :lol:

No really bad memories, except for a dropping a mute at Pontin's one year. What do you expect I was playing tenor horn with my band and contesting on trombone with another. Luckily purgatory was only for a year


Cant rememba my best moment but the worse was well it was about 4/5 years ago but we were on stage at a contest (couldve been the areas) and our conductor raised his arms to mke signals for the band to get ready but our percussionist thought that the Md raised his arms for the Perc section to come in and he started playing the timps! u shouldve seen everyones faces! haha.

Ozzie Cornet

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Hi Guys & Girls

My Worst would be playing a test called Firestorm by Steven Bulla at the 2001 Australian Nationals for the B Grade section. The piece wasnt the best and to be honest the solo section for solo horn, solo cornet and soprano was pretty bad....... but it wasnt helped by the sub standard playing by your truly on the solo cornet line. How we won the comp after that effort lies with a great own choice but anyway.....

My Best however would be at the recent Queensland State Titles in Bundaberg. The B Grade test had a fairly easy cadenza section for solo baritone and solo cornet in which the cornet slurred from a Bb in the stave to top C. Not overly hard to the best in our field but it had me sweating for several weeks before the comp. I dont know how but the notes came out like they were delivered straight from the composers hand................ My best for sure and earned a kiss from our MD (Maureen Cameron from Fodens for whover knows her).

I'd like to hear on this line from some of our upper section members, in particular the worst moment to see if any coincide with what we think of as great performances.

Worst: partita-sparkey piece! great piece :wink:

It was at Leamington Spa contest. We had waited all day and we were the last band on in the championship section on a sunday night-so no one was there!!!! Anyway...don't know what happened?!! Started playing the piece and I just couldn't play properly! I think i was trying to play too quietly on the running quavers! Second time they appeared-I was fine!!!

I felt really stupid after that! But then came to think-everyone has these problems!!!! :D Well i hope they do!!!! :p

Don't know my best-don't like to blow my own trumpet!!! :lol:
:evil: I threw my mase 4 times in Uppermill yesterdat.... casught it the first time, caught it the 2nd time, caught it the 3rd time.... AND THEN DROPPED IT WHILST SPINNING IT :shock: :evil: ..... THE EASY BIT!!! So of course when all the crowd laughed, I chucked it even higher for the 4th time, spun it in the air and caught it properly and got a massive cheer!! LOL.... So there's my best and worst in the same event!!! :oops: :roll:
Sellers_Bird said:
u actually caught it? how many people did u maim throughout the day tho? :lol:

Kiss my aunti annie! I was dead chuffed yesters... and my band were tres impressed actually! :p Remind me to come find you next time I have it :wink:


Best moment has to be at the areas this year. We played an absolute blinder, can't think of a single mistake anyone made, and with some really special moments (that quiet bit before the end and principal euph's 'cadenza').

Worst one has to be when I was playing with another band doing 'Symphony for Brass' at Weston Super Mare a few years ago. We played badly, and finished last, mainly because no one wanted to play the piece.
Hey ho, such is banding.
my best was Shine as the Light in 2000/2001 with Rainford Silver were the whole band played a blinder an it's the best i've very played...ever. Well, not ever but i didnt make one mistake and i was a superstar! We won the 3rd section though!

My worst was at Preston 2004, i had a panic attack halfweay thru' my solo cause i couldn't breathe and didnt want to let the band down. i had to stop playing in all the tutti parts, i couldnt breathe and i went all dizzy. i was shaking for ages after we came off stage, my best friend amy had to calm me down i was that bad!! dont think we were placed at Preston, i can't remember!!

Dave Euph

Well, I've had a fairly short and non-eventful contesting time in my life. In fact, most contests I've left the stage pretty pleased with my performance! Although yesterday at Whits, we set off marching and I realised I'd completely forgotten how to march (only done it once before)!

I was concerned with far too many things ... Left-Right not Right-Left (cue dodgy skipping!) ... ARGH! The trombones are about a mile ahead of us! ... Right, the tuba player to my left is in line, blimey, where'd the one to my right go! ... bloody hell, it's tiring carrying this euph, poor old basses ... bang, again. Sorry mate, it's this narrow road ... Oh yes! I am actually supposed to play this march!


Been loads of highs and lows over the years - that's why we still do it I suppose BUT must mention best high was Pontins, Great Yarmouth 1987. Went down on the Friday night to play on the Saturday. Arrived about 8pm, wife goes into labour 8.05 pm Son born 8am next morning.

I suppose a playing low could be attempting to play with the band later that day slightly knackered and well worse for congratulatory drinks !!!!!
The drinks went on all weekend as every band joined in the celebrations.

That's what bands are all about. :D

P.S. My son Callum is not a bad cornet player as well.

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