Besson Sovereign BE928G-1 B flat Cornet - lacquer


Besson Sovereign BE928G-1 B flat Cornet - lacquer On Ebay



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Good luck :)

If I may suggest a few things that might help you sell it...
- More pictures, preferably higher resolution.
- Location of Manufacture
- Year of Manufacture

If you haven't already, you may get atleast as much luck (and possibly more) using the Facebook group "Buy and Sell Brass UK" which has thousands of members.
Its not a great advert. I bought a cornet off eBay with similar pics and a ruddy great dent. I would suggest you follow Tom-King's advice but to elaborate take pictures of both sides of the instrument, have one showing the slides out to show they work, bell every angle really including the case, valve tops etc, you get 12 pics for free. A light coloured background would show off the instrument better than the case. It also looks a bit odd without a mouthpiece