Besson/Prestige return times



One of the lads in the band is about to return a prestige cornet for repair/replacement. If anyone has sent one back recently, how long can he expect to wait?



i actually arranged for my prestige to be returned today and be sorted out (having the valves done and some other things). they said they would pick it up on thursday and it would take a couple of days. i suppose it depends where your friend got the cornet from as to how long it will take to be returned. i wouldn't have thought it would be too long though.


Still toying with what to do about mine - losing silver plate like its going out of fashion but its a fantastic instrument - spoke to band supplies and was told they would not give a return date but could give me examples of up to 3 months wait - if its a repair that can me done on site however i would imagine thats going to be down to the individual retailer.


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Don't know about repairs but I ordered a besson sov horn in July and have been told not to expect it much before September / October :cry:


This thread isn't exactly the best ever advert for Prestige is it?

Could be worse, there could be an official Prestige timing list for return of repaired instruments :shock:



Thanks all for your input! :D

When you slap out that much money for something you expect it to be right first time! It's an absolute disgrace really!

However, one other question, has anyone else perhaps got their prestige fixed by someone other than Besson? Perhaps you brought to a repairman who replated it for you? Any ideas on cost and time to do it?

From my own experience with Besson, I ended up getting 3 different euphs, and in the end I eventually gave up and settled for the one I had, warts and all! I do have to wonder when a prestige comes back, is it only going to wind up being sent off again for something else?
As I stated on another thread.........when my Prestige came back, it was perfect. So much so that I strongly suspected that it was a new instrument, with a matching serial number.

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