Sold/Expired Besson Piccolo Trumpet for sale in Scotland


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F Besson piccolo trumpet model 260-MP-2
Silver plated (all plating intact).
With original leadpipes for Bb and A which accept cornet shank mouthpieces.


A clip of me playing the instrument - not a very good quality recording but it gives you an idea.

This is a proper professional level piccolo trumpet built for Besson (Boosey and Hawkes) by Kanstul in the USA. It is similar, bit not identical to, the current Kanstul CCT 920 which retails for £1662 new (the Schilke Piccolo is now an incredible £2500 because of the worsening exchange rate).

I have owned this instrument from new and have used it in many works by baroque composers ranging from Bach Christmas Oratorio to various concertos.
It was last used in a performance of Zadok the Priest by Handel.

The instrument is in good condition and sounds great. It has a warmer tone than the Schilke piccolo and is a slightly larger bore making swapping between it and a Bb trumpet easier. It blends well with D trumpets.

I am only selling it because I have switched to a rotary valve piccolo trumpet and it isn't getting used at all now. It has recently been ultrasonically cleaned.

No case (normal for this type of instrument as most players will have a double case).

Would suit a serious amateur or professional player, or a student studying at university who needs a piccolo trumpet.

Price £750

Price includes special delivery, insurance and the cost of securely packing it.
If you live in the Glasgow/Edinburgh area I can deliver it personally.

Will not send outside of the UK.

Located near Edinburgh.
If you are local you can collect it in person or come round and try it out, or bring your teacher with you for him/her to try out.


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