Sold/Expired Besson 981 Tuba for sale.

Phil Green

Supporting Member
Concert model. About 15 years old, plays extremely well.

Recently completely disassembled and re-assembled by Mienl Weston in Germany, all dints removed and re-lacquered.
Includes Besson hard case.

Can be seen in Manchester area or Cheshire.

Excellent buy at £2,000 ovno.
981 Concert model EEb

Is this the straight lead pipe version?
I was looking for one of these for a friend of mine and found one last year.
He said it wasn't quite the instrument he was looking for but I ended up buying it for myself!
My friend might be interested in your one.
Any chance of a phone number via private message or e-mail?


Phil Green

Supporting Member
The instrument has been sold now, thanks entirely to contacts made here.

Thanks tMP, it worked!!

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