BBSS 2003


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Spent much of last week flying tMP flag at Bromsgrove BBSS, and am mad curious to gauge how successful I was! ;) So, I'd like to see the results of my arm-twisting and so any new members who were on the BBSS this year should please come forward, and identify yourselves..

Was good to meet the couple of other existing tMPer delegates, and put some naces to fames, as they say...



Hi there,

nice to meet you too, sorry i didn't get chance to talk much but at least i know what you look like now, may well see you at a contest bar sometime in the not too distant future! :D

Hope you all had a good time, i know i have on the 2 previous courses, was sorry i wasn't there for the duration this year.

Always nice to put faces to names! :D


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Good to meet you Neil and to share a part in Life Divine and Resurgam...

Enjoyed my brief visit to BBSS but hope to be back for the duration next year.

I think it was the best summer school yet and I have been to 5 so far.
The choice of Music was excellent and Richard Evans really made rehearsing fun and got the best out of players.

I was pleased to meet Neil and Lynda and put faces to names. I went for a curry and pub quiz with them on our free night.

They both played a solo in the student concert and made a very good job of it.

Neil (Keppler) played "A motherless child"
Lynda (imthemaddude) played "Pastorale"

I was very proud that they are members

David and Helen - you missed a good one this year but it was nice you made it for the final concert

I have just about recovered now from lack of sleep and over indulgence and am looking forward to doing it all over again next year


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:oops: :oops: hey thanks for that - im embarrased! u were fantastic too with your ensemble. David it was good to meet u too - it will be great to have u with us for longer next year. the choice of music was great - at least there can't be anything harder than excerpts from firebird next year - nothing harder can exist can it :?: :!: :?: :!: well maybe there is just one piece.....!


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Hello! Victoria from Shirland!
Did everyone have a good do on friday after the concert? I had to go home, not fair! I swear after that week that my lip will never be the same ever again! At least I got through it and can say i made a half decent attempt at the solo horn parts!
How are you all? Recovering well? :D
Love Peg


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aha.. well that's one new member anyway.. mucho backpats. well done Keps, you're an ambassador in a black tMP shirt.

Welcome aboard Peggy-Victoria-person..

p.s. recovered and returned to normal-sized-lip..


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hey vic! I had to go on the fri too - such a bummer at the end of such a good week but never mind. Glad we could encourge more people onto this site.

I'm recovered, although Ive played everyday since we got back it seems so much easier to just do 45 mins of cavatina type pieces!


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I know what you mean!
Although I don't think I can keep it up for too long!
Love Vic xx

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