BB's Final Announcement

Wow - it's so quiet in here! I guess it's time to close the doors then. But before we do, it's only fair that BB has a chance to post about the experience that was tMP BB!

Well, where do I start? Suppose the beginning would be a good place! The idea of tMP BB was the brainchild of a drunken Dyl the night before the current version of BB was about to start! The idea was quickly latched on to by other mods and we decided to give it a go – not having any real idea of what was ahead or of where this would go or how long it would last. More important still – we had absolutely no idea if tMPers would ‘give it a go’.

So an announcement was posted asking for volunteers. We were fully prepared to have to approach some tMPers to take part in case the interest level was low. This was not the case. Literally a few seconds after posting the announcement we received our first pm – from one of the finalists of BB – homicidalbennyboy! ‘Twas very nearly a case of ‘first in, last out’ then! ;) In total we had pms from 30 tMPers interested in taking part – though they, like us, had no idea what was in front of them!

Once they got to see the rules, the 30 quickly reduced to 21. We then had to choose a group of 10 – 5 females and 5 males to enter the competition. This was one of the hardest decisions throughout the whole competition as we needed to get the balance right. We believe the 10 we chose were appropriate, however, some more research could have been carried out to cover any possible absence by any of the 10 contestants. But like we said, we were flying by the seat of our pants and just had to play it by ear!

So, the chosen 10!

2nd man down
Jo Elson
Sellers Bird

Most of the housemates made an immediate impression on the competition by creating havoc in the newly-created BB forum! We were a bit worried at this time by the amount of new threads being created and it’s effect on the forum as a whole. An attempt was made to clean the ‘house’ up – but we soon realised this was a lost cause, and let the housemates fend for themselves! The amount of interest shown by the housemates, and tMPers in the early days was frightening – the number of visits to the two BB forums was an eye-opener to say the least! It was clearly going to be difficult to keep the interest going! But we were determined to give it a go!

It was obvious that the decision to run with this competition was not going to please everyone, and this was indeed discussed on the forums by a few members. We must be perfectly honest here and mention that we did contemplate pulling the plug on the whole thing, but the one thing that made us continue with it was the fact that so much work had gone into preparing for it – and that the tMPers we’d chosen to take part were clearly enjoying it. A post was made to those who didn’t like the idea to just try and ignore it – it is impossible to please everyone all of the time. We had made the decision to run with the competition and we were going to see it through to the end. And boy, are we glad we did!

The Housemates

We won’t discuss the housemates individually as it would be completely wrong to do so, however, what we will say, is that we are 100% happy with the ones we chose – and we are very grateful to you all for making the competition as much fun as it has been!

The Tasks

You won’t believe how difficult it was to think of tasks – and we are again grateful to those who helped us out on this. Because the housemates were, at the beginning, so, umm, USELESS at completing the tasks successfully it was also becoming increasingly difficult to think of forfeits to hand out! Which is why you probably saw BB become a bit more lenient as the weeks passed – we actually started to want you to pass some tasks so we didn’t have to think of more forfeits! ;)


I hope you don’t mind us using your term ‘Groovygate’ super_sop – but this was for us, like the housemates, the most disappointing thing about the whole experience. We did handle this one badly – it was really difficult knowing what to do re. Groovy going on holiday and the decision we put on Groovy was not fair. We have apologised unreservedly to Groovy about this and sincerely hope that she didn’t take offence. The reactions of the housemates to this situation caused us to re-think and try and cover our tracks a bit! So, some frantic discussions were held by one of us and some of the housemates – and we are extremely glad the situation was sorted out.

Dave Payn & Kitten

As the weeks passed it was inevitable it was going to get quieter in the BB House – so we decided to send some extras in to stir things up – and stir things up they did! So, a huge thanks to both Dave & Vicky (with a bit of help from Dinie behind the scenes) – for some excellent stirring up! ;)


Housemates didn’t enjoy these for some reason – but we certainly did! Some of the reasons we received were hilarious, others nasty and some were even showing how serious some people were taking this whole thing!

The Diary Room

We are also disappointed that we failed to fully utilise this facility – but it became obvious that it was gonna be difficult to keep it going due to people not always being online at the same time as BB. Nevertheless, some interesting topics were discussed in the Diary Room! ;)

I think we’ve covered everything apart from what is probably THE burning issue:

Who was BB?

To be perfectly honest – all the Mods were involved in this behind the scenes in various ways. Most of the posting as BB was done by Dyl with a bit of help from Roger & John in the early days of the competition. But we all chipped in – particularly in answering the logo task! It’s probably a good job, because if Rachel hadn’t seen the Unichem van dropping a delivery off in Boots we would have failed! ;)

So all that remains is to thank everyone who took an interest in the competition and who voted regularly, but most of all, a huge thank you to ALL the housemates, in particular the finalists – as I’m sure you’d all agree these three are the ones who put the most effort in to the competition. And so the final words from BB must go out to our winner: 2nd man down – a huge well-done and remember to wear your t-shirt with pride! But I'm sure that 2nd man down will be the first to agree that super_sop, homicidalbennyboy and the rest of the housemates are all winners.

The BBLB forum will be left open for a few days for some post-BB discussions to place.



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