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F1 Back At The Beeb!

At last, F1 is going to be back on BBC - an uniterrupted race with no more ad's!:)

I only hope that The Chain is used as the theme music and James Allen doesn't do the commentary. Bring back Murray Walker!:clap:

How about Jeremy Clarkson as presenter with Richard Hammond in the Pit Lane (and how about James 'Captain Slow' May driving for McLaren)?


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Is it?!?!? :p When was that announced?!?!?

proper un-interrupted coverage again at last!! :biggrin: :tup :clap:

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Funny, makes me wonder why they bother. They should just show the pit-stops, cos that's the only place the lead ever changes hands.... ;)

I remember reading somewhere that mark webber has been whining the F1 bods won't have time to work on their setup for the night race in singapore because "...there isn't a fully lit circuit available."

Erm, what about losail in Qatar? Where the fully lit MotoGP night races took place two weeks ago? The lights have been there since christmas.

Still, I do genuinely beleive that the BBC, when given the chance, do sport better than ITV, so maybe I'll start watching F1 again eventually. Especially if patrick Head's Idea of reversing the grid based on chapionship order comes to fruition. Now THAT would be fun.