BBA 2007 update

Hello tmp’ers,
Sorry I haven’t been here for a while, however, the work life balance, or should I say the BBA life balance has been somewhat out of kilter in recent months! I realised I had to work for a living!!
Anyway, by way of an update re BBA, where to begin,
Well presumably most people will know that Briony and I visited the project in Ethiopia in April, and to say the least it was an experience of a lifetime without doubt.
We met with the local development committee, the team from World Vision who are to manage the project on behalf of BBA, the builders and of course the children and young people of the Adet region who will be attending the new school.
Having witness for ourselves the present conditions we were shocked at the reality of the existing school and the struggles that the pupils and teachers have to face on a daily basis.
For more info and pictures, please visit the BBA website.

Projects in the pipeline:
The new BBA CD:
Will hopefully be released in time for the lower section finals at Harrogate in September, failing that I am confident it will be ready for the London Nationals.
The CD will contain approx 10-12 brand new compositions on an African theme, undertaken by some of the best Brass Band composers, e.g., Jan Magne Forde, Kenneth Downey, Alan Fernie and some not so well known composers too.
Having received most of the compositions already, I can’t wait to hear the recorded versions, they are all quite different as one would expect, but all of them are wonderful pieces.
As you may already be aware, I have approached a number of the top flight bands to take one of the compositions each to record at one of there recording sessions and hand the pieces back to BBA for the final CD. Some of the bands supporting the project, Black Dyke, BAYV, Leyland, Prairie Brass, Mnonzil and IP Brass, hopefully the ISB too and many more of course.

BBA Celebrity Band Concert:
Later in the year, well very early next year actually, 19th-20th Jan 2007 at the Skegness Butlins brass competition, we have the Brass Band Aid celebrity band coming together for a gala concert on the Friday evening, and what a treat that will be. So make sure you are there for that one.

The BIG Blow:
Perhaps the biggest event of course, will be the BIG Blow; the idea came from John Handley, and what a peach of a day this will be. We intend to set the World Record for the biggest Brass Band performance in the World. So if you are competing that weekend at Butlins make sure you register. If you are anon competing player visiting Butlins as a spectator, why not bring your instrument along with you and take part in this historic Banding event, you know it makes sense!

New Merchandise:
Brass Band Aid now have available for sale, the official BBA pin badges, effectively the BBA logo on a pin! These are being sold at £1.00 + p&p.
We would like every bander in the country, no, the world to purchase one, if everyone did, we could complete the school in a few months without even thinking about it!
Special discounted rates apply if you purchase 25 for your band, you get five free!
Failing that, I can always make you an offer you can’t refuse!!!

E bay Auctions:
In addition we have a series of EBay auctions approaching in the summer, one to play with a very well known brass Band and another to conduct the same band.

John Williams:
Some of you may have also seen the recent front page of the British Bandsman, John Williams has autographed the piano scores of Star Wars and Harry Potter in support of BBA, these will also come up for auction in the near future, however, I am uncertain as to the best method of auctioning these items so any ideas please let me know.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported BBA since its inception last year. The support has been overwhelming and a real credit to the Brass Band movement on an International scale.

So far we have raised over 30 thousand pounds; I can’t be more precise than that, as I am aware of several thousand pounds awaiting to come in from far and wide. Our target for the end of 2006 is 50 thousand pounds, and I am confident that we will make it.
Many many thanks to everyone for the support, please don’t stop though, we have a ways to go yet.
Bob on behalf of BBA
Dont forget , if you have any fund raising ideas for BBA please let us know, or just get on and do it!!



Hi Bob,

Check your email. Im organising something and would like to tie it in with BBA if you're up for it. I dropped you a mail about it yesterday.

Looking forward to your reply.



bba trombones

Give me a call regarding your ideas. Perhaps we can sort something out in connection with BTS and Chris Houlding and other trombone personalities.

with best wishes
Steve Ford
Administrator-Clifton Trombone Choir (MD Frank Mathison ex LSO)
Bass trombone:Clifton & Lightcliffe Band
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BBA School Project update

A long overdue update, but well worth it as progress on the school building is fantastic, to see the latest information and pictures of the scool please follow the link.
There are a few more projects coming off in the new year so keep your eyes peeled. (sounds very painful that, I wonder where that saying comes from).
Hope you all have a fabulous New Year.