BIG Paul

Can any one help?

I seem to remember reading not too long ago that large grants were available to any one learning bass instruments, am I correct or was it just a hopeful thought as we are nowin a position to apply?

can anybody point me in the right direction.

Roger Thorne

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BIG Paul said:
When I went to School that direction was LEFT not RIGHT :D or have the EEC changed it
Perhaps that explains why I always get lost on my way home from Easingwold. Did it again yesterday :oops: although I'm exempt of any speeding fines this year (that I know off) :D

Anyway back on topic: Have you tried contacting your Local Council, County Council or Arts Council for grants. You would probably find out more details from your local Town Hall. Although I'm not personally familiar with this territory, I'm sure there are many tMPer's who will add their knowledge of this subject to the thread.

Good luck in securing some dosh!



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Well if you are still at school, speak to your teachers. Certain authorities are able to purchase instruments through the A.P.S. scheme (Assisted Instrument Purchase), which enable students to purchase instruments at a discount minus VAT (which on a bass I would assume would be a big saving, on the VAT alone).

This also applies if you take part in County Music Service Ensembles or have County lessons, for example Norfolk Youth Brass Band, West Suffolk Youth Windband etc.

There is an MS Word file HERE that explains things. It is for people who live in my county, but the basics of how the scheme works applies to all counties that take part.

Also, the BBC Fame Academy have a Bursary every year. One of my friends got himself an Eb/D trumpet just by sending off a form, hardly had to do anything, and he doesnt even own a TV to watch the programme, lucky thing!


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A national charity, Youth Music, is running a £1m programme to promote "endangered species" including tuba and trombone - I think there was information about it in the band press a few months ago.

Details on their website,