Basses Sunday 8th August Scarborough


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KSB playing in Peaseholme Park Sunday 8 August at 2.00pm onwards. We are in need of an EEb and BBb for the day. Coach leaving Killamarsh 9.00 am and returning for about 9 - 10 pm

Usual Sunday summer afternoon programme nothing to heavy so we can have a few beers, fish & chips, candy floss etc.

Any takers please send me a pm.


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I'll just mention, having played there about a week ago, that it's a great place to go... the band stand is, err, unique... and the fish and chips in scarborough are excellent!

And if you can find the Hole in the Wall pub, you can get away from karaoke!
This post takes me back :lol: I used to go to Scarborough regularly for my RNR training at CSOS Irton Moor during the 70's. Always remember the band playing in the middle of the lake in Peasholm Park. Do they still put on the "Battle at sea" with the miniature warships? Great place and great people. Our favourite watering hole was the Victoria Hotel opposite the railway station. :wink:
Bother, I would love to go but am going away on Holiday that day :)

Managed to go twice last year but not at all this year :( really missing that ride on a swan boat to the bandstand

Sheffield13 offered me a trip there but my own band was playing a boring church job that day :cry:

Seriously though it's a great place to play and should be a good day out with Killamarsh


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Further to the request for basses at Scarborough next week I'm pleased to say we have now filled the gap.

Big thanks to Richard Smales from Kirbymoorside and Rory from Hexham. Away the lads, dam good lot those Geordies. Geordie Colin did send his excuses as he's on holiday.

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