Bass Trombone / Tenor Trombone, Sheffield / Nottingham

Intrument: Bass or Tenor Trombone

Location/Region: Between Sheffield and Nottingham

Name: Nick Stokes

Contact Details: email address is in profile, pm for mobile number

Instrument(s) played: Bass or Tenor Trombone

Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Up to 2nd for Bass Trombone, ditto for 2nd trombone but only 4th, 4rd at a push for 1st!

How much notice do you require: Not much, but the more the better!

Name of your present Band: Shirebrook MW

Position played within present Band: Bass Trombone but cover for tenor when necessary

What section is your present Band in: 2nd

Would you require transport: No

Do you require expenses: Possibly, depending on distance travelled. Always accept petrol money in beer for :wink:

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