Bass Trombone - Shrops/W.Mids/Ches/Staffs/M & N Wales


Intrument: Bass Trombone at present (or Tenor for non-demanding work at the moment)

Conductor/Compere: NO

Location/Region:Shropshire/W.Mids/Chehire/Staffs/The Marches/Mid & N. Wales

Grade: 8+

Name: Adam Roberson

Contact Details: Mob:- 07870 563302

Instrument(s) played: As Above

Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: 1st down (have played championship once though)

How much notice do you require: Week to 10 dayswould be good

Name of your present Band: Wem Jubilee Band

Position played within present Band: Bass Trom (was Principal)

What section is your present Band in: 3rd

Would you require transport: NO

Do you require expenses: Ideally, to cover travel costs

Any additional comments/Information:
Good sight reader, willing to do fete work etc on spec,
Formal concerts it would be nice to have a rehearsal prior to it, if time permits.

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