Bass Trombone Required on a temporary basis in North West!


Calling all Bass Trombone players! My band, Littleborough, is going to Holme Valley contest in the 4th section on the 27th April and our bass trom has just pulled out. Is anybody free or can anyone suggest anybody?

The contest does not require registration cards and so no day transfers or registration problems should occur.

All enquiries gratefully received!!

Cheers, Matt Bailey


Hiya Matt,

If you could give some specific details like rehearsals, No. of pieces , etc, etc, that woulld be helpful cos i could see if i can help. if not theres got to be somebody in the area there are enough bands around you.

Best of Luck

Beware of The Blonde.


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when are rehearsals, and what time does the section start and end?

may be in a position to help out

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