Bass Trombone Practice Mutes



Can anyone recommend a practice mute to fit a standard 9 1/2 inch Bass Trombone bell ?

I have invested in 2 practice mutes in the past spending about £70 - £80 on each and, although advertised as Bass Trombone mutes, they just don't fit and can easily be blown out. ( I can't believe my airstream is that over-powered!)

I reverted to the Sellers (Wallace and Rath) and was assured they should fit and that I should maybe make the grips slightly rougher by sanding them but surely I shouldn't have to do that or forcibly screw the mute in damaging it and the Bell!

I can't believe I am the only one with this issue.

I have donated the 2 I have to the tenor trombones in my Band and they fit them perfectly.

Any comments and recommendations gratefully received.


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I have the Wallace adjustable mute fits my old 10.5 inch bell just fine, allows you to adjust the resistance bought it new from eBay for not a lot...... It does sound like you where sold the tenor version

Another option is the Shhh mutes, lightweight but great mutes


Hi Vegasbound and thanks for your reply.

Strange, I can't believe I've been unlucky twice, in fact the Rath one I bought the same time as my R9.

The Wallace mute had a French Horn/Bass Trombone sticker on it !

The mutes were both advertised as "compact" and can be stored in the bell when the instrument is packed away.



I’ve just bought a Bremner Shhh mute on eBay for £35. I looked at it for a week or so and today I have tried it. If I have to use one this is the best I’ve come across. It is light, doesn’t alter the pitch and above all stays put. I have a Yamaha 613H with a 9 1/2 inch bell. It doesn’t store in the bell however but that’s the least of my worries. All in all a good buy. Infinitely better than the Wick travel mute that I have for my euphonium.


Thanks guys.

I'll probably have to re-invest in another practice mute then but go for the less compact one.

I just can't believe the compact ones have been designed with this flaw in, puzzling.