Bass trombone player needs a new home (Bolton area)

Brian Kelly

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I am an ex- SA bass trombone player, looking for a band in or around the Bolton area. Previously played with Blackburn SA and Bolton Citadel SA bands, also had a short spell with Farnworth Old (now Eaton's Farnworth) quite a few years ago.


I'm not sure about the Bolton area depends how far you wanna travel.I to am a ex SA player from Liverpool Walton although I also managed to play for Manchester Divisional youth band for a short spell.I left Wire Brass a couple of months ago & notice from the website that I aint bin replaced yet.They play in Warrington town Centre about a mile or so from the M62.I used to play for Eagley (Bolton)so know the journey should only take about 25mins from J5 (M61)Certainly Closer than Warrington Brighouse which is Where we practice :shock:


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I don;t know how far you're prepared to travel, but we're short of a bass trom (previous one has gone to Uni). Eccleston is about 10-15 mins from Junction 8 M61 (Chorley), so probably 30 mins from Bolton. Rehearsals are Tuesday/Friday 7.45-9.45pm and we're 3rd section (national and NW area).


I used to play for Eagley too. They're a very friendly band and have just appointed a new conductor after having a few problems. They were definately on the lookout for new players.
Its certainly worth giving them a call....
If you 're interested PM me and I'll give you a number and e mail address.

Brian Kelly

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Hi everyone!

It pays to advertise!

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with me, both in public and by private message. As you can see by my new signature, I have now joined Flixton Band, my 1st appearance with them was today at the Wilkinson Open in St Helens.

If any of the bands / people who have been in touch with me need to borrow a bass trombone player, I will be glad to help out if I am free.


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