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I have recently moved back onto bass trombone and am working on tone, stamina and my lower register. I currently play on a Denis Wick 2AL which I know is too small so am looking for advice on the best mouthpiece to use without ballooning notes or digging at them. Suggestions on how to develop stamina would also be appreciated!!


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I play on a 11/2G Vinny Bach (because I play orchestral stuff with my bass and I also play tenor), which is often considered too small by brass banders. I think the best thing to do is 'decend' into mouthpieces as a bass trombonist until you find one which gives you the best sound. I recommend that your next step would be to get a 11/2G as it is the 'standard' mouthpiece for bass trombonists to start on (personally I think that the 2AL is a deep cup euph mouthpiece!) and see where you go from there.

As for excersises there is a book called 'Mastering the trombone' by Edward Kleinhammer and Doug Yeo - both great bass trombonists and teachers - which has some useful general points for improving all areas of technique. There is also Elizer Aharoni's tutor which is worth a look and I think (although I don't own a copy) that there is a good book on tuba/bass trom excersises by Roger Bobo.


Good call on the mastering the trombone book a useful addition for any trombonist great publication.
As for mouthpieces I am currently playing on a Bach1G on which i've had the rim gold plated.I like it good on the low stuff but not too large to prevent me joining the tenors when they need help from a real trombone lol!!.The gold plate seems softer on the chops & warms quicker in cold playing conditions.I am keen to try the Doug Yeo signature mouthpiece though,which I believe is highly rated & also speaking with Mark 'Frosty' Frost recently I have learned that he has been working on a new mouthpiece in the Michael RATH workshops that should be worth a look when it's released I don't know may be worth a phonecall though.


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Hi Guys,
I'm new to all this forum stuff so hope you don't mind me getting my point over !
I've recently switched from a Bach 1 1/2 G to a Schilke 60 and what a difference. Comfortable throughout the range and gives a really deep tone to peddles on my Holton with little effort.

For fun has anyone else tried the plastic Kelly Mouthpieces, I got one to check out and found it excellent for those outdoor Christmas and New Year gigs cos the rim temperature never changes. The Bassbone mouthpiece is identical in size to the Bach 1 1/2. They come in bizzare colours as well !!!

Dave Frame, Bassbone, Unison Kinneil , Scotland.


A thread on bass trombone mouthpiece options was on the go a few weeks ago. Some good info regards different options and worth reading.

David F,

Noticed on Saturday that you were playing on what looked like a Schilke 59 or 60, meant to ask you what it was but forgot. Having heard the band a few times previously I'd an inkling that you played something around the 1 1/2G/Schilke 58 size. From where I was listening on Sat your move to a bigger MP sounds like a good switch for you and the overall band sound. Quite a jump from a 1 1/2G to a 60 but if you've got the 'chops' to do it great. After alternating between a Schilke 60, Bach 1g OR Stork 1, I've settled on the Doug Yeo Signature. Still a big MP but with a more comfortable rim, which for me was the downside of the Schilke 60/1G along with the flatness in the upper register.

Best of Luck at the W/End.


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basstrombone mouthpieces

Hi Ray,
Thought about the Douglas Yeo myself but never got around to trying it. Wish we'd had that chat on Saturday, I'd have shown you my Royal Blue See Through Plastic Kelly 1 1/2 !!!!! Normally gets discussions going. Reckon AR thinks I bought it for attention ( in joke, Don't mention it when you see him ! ). If I see you at the weekend you can have a go with it. Cheers for the best wishes and, of course, they are returned in kind.

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