Bass saxophone in a brass band!

I joined the Echuca (Victoria, Australia) brass band in 1952 and learned to play the cornet. After playing cornet in the Wollongong City Band and the Nowra Town Band I switched from cornet and trumpet to the tenor saxophone and migrated to the baritone saxophone while in the Canberra City concert band in 1960. For five years in England I played baritone saxophone in the Territorial Army Royal Hampshire Regiment, the Queen's Royal Rifles and 10th Battalion the Parachute Regiment before returning to Australia and later moving to Canada for 31 years. Now I find myself in two brass bands near Brisbane Australia substituting for a Bb bass on my Bb bass saxophone! My lowest note being Bb I sometimes have to jump up an octave higher than written but it mostly sounds OK. These two brass bands do not enter contests but they play for older audiences here in Australia's retirement destination.

Some of the band members read their music from IPADs or Android tablets and I will do likewise as soon as the new Samsung Galaxy View 18.4 inch Android tablet becomes available in Australia. This new large tablet can display two full-size sheet music pages that will reduce most of the page turning for me.


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Welcome :)

Can't say I'm mad keen on the sound of saxophones mixed into a brass band myself (or saxophones in general if I'm totally honest)... but if the band is happy and it keeps you out there enjoying your music then more power to you :)


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Bass sax would work a good deal better than even bari - it sounds surprisingly close to a tuba. Articulations are different, of course, but the body of the sound is surprisingly tuba-like.
The tubax would be more suitable because it can reach those very low tuba notes. However I can't spare $15,000 right now. I love the sound of a bass trombone.

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