Bass Instrument Player seeks non-competitive band


I'm a Bass Trombonist based at Huddersfield University and I am looking for work with ideally a non-contesting band although a band that doesn't put too much emphasis on contests would also be great

Unfortunatly, I own none of the above instruments so the band would have to provide (sorry) although I qualified for the higher performance route at university on the Bass Trombone (approx. grade 8 ) although I actually play(ed) the Tuba for my course, I have also played BB-flat for a top 1st section band and Bass trombone for a lower championship band

I am contactable at or by p.m.



howdoo, we need a Bb bass player we dont do a lot of contests more of an entertainment band.. great social side of the band, probabily more emphasis on the social than the playing, im sure we have instruments but we are based in blackpool (2nd section), if you are interested PM me :wink:
Arnfield Brass

We are a 4th Section band who are always welcoming new players. You would be welcome to join us and we will be able to get hold of an instrumment for you too. We are based in Tintwistle, Derbyshire. We have a many concerts but only one or two contests and don't make them our main aim. We hope to do Whit friday along with one other contest this year (that is all). For more information you can view our website

Hope to hear from you soon,

Just re-iterating my own thread.

Although I am doing the spring-fest with Knottingly Silver Band, I am unsure as to whether I'll stay with the band.

After Blackpool, I would like to travel around a few bands, sit in on a rehearsal and generally get a feel for the band.

Unfortunatly Blackpool is a bit far ....

Oh yeah and I've edited what instruments i want to play from the original post.

We have space for bass players. We are going into 3rd section next year. we do the areas, and some entertainment contest.

We have our bar which is below the band room.

Just come for a blow!!!! and drink!!!!


Bestwood Black Diamonds( Nottingham)

If you ever fancy a trip further south to one of our rehearsals you would be more than welcome. We are about to come back into contesting after a lengthy absence. We are currently on the lookout for a bass player. The band are extremely sociable and you will always find us out our welfare after each rehearsal.

Richard Greenwood


Hi there. Elland Silver Band, 2nd Section, approx 15 mins from Huddersfield require a BBb Bass Player to help out at Whit Friday Marches on Friday 4th June and Easingwold Marches on 26th June.

Very friendly band, with goog facilities.

Please give me a ring on 07940 525837 if you would like further details.

Looks like you've joined Knottingly now, but if a band nearer Sheffield would suit you better then Chapeltown are looking for a bass trombone
3rd time lucky!

This is my 3rd resurrection of this thread.
see the message at the top and p.m. me if your band could accommodate me

I would like to stress - NO CHAMPIONSHIP and NO FIRST SECTION BANDS as I loathe contesting

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