Bass Bone Choices???


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you should be practicing your scales over 3 octaves on bass trombone! or at least be playing down there at some point.

but seriously (not that you shouldn't be doing scales over 3 octaves), practice hymns down an octave.


Thanks Neil, if I ever move to Bass Trombone I'll remember that! :lol:
Hymn tunes are a great way to rehearse on any instrument.

But my previous post wasn't a retorical question! I'm don't play B.T. was just wondering after hearing comments from a repairman!

Maybe the answer is the maybe a good does! :D
I agree, its all down to what suits the individual.

I play on a holton tr181 and find that although it has some shortcomings - can be a bit restrictive in the lower pedals - its a great all round instrument.

I tried an Edwards (though it was built for someone else), and found it easy blowing and ok for solo work, but I couldn't get on with it in ensemble playing. It seemed to lack middle and weight of sound. Easy to blow loud but not so easy to sound full (something I think we sometimes confuse).

Played a few bachs and quite liked them, think I could've got on with them after a while.

Just my thoughts.

The thing I find is that it takes me a good few weeks to get to know a new instrument, so I find it hard to judge whether it will suit me. I guess thats why I've stuck with the Holton for so long. Which brings me onto my next point - how long do instruments last? I've heard of bones being "blown out" mines around 10 years old now - how much longer can I expect to get from it?



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Played a few bachs and quite liked them, think I could've got on with them after a while.

Just played a Bach tonight for the first time, I think I have to agree with you on that. Once I've got rid of the horrible Dennis Wick mouthpiece of course


Played a Bach 50B3LO for years.... great bone, crap linkages. Maybe the newer ones have improved but the older ones are known for their clanking and rattly linkages


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Every time I need an easy reason not to like Bachs, I listen to my CD of the 1999 University of Warwick Trombone 4tet playing 'Entry of the Gladiators'. I'm amazed the audience could hear anything in the Bass solo over the noise made by my thumb valve.


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