Basque Drum?


One for the percussionists I think.

In Viscaya, the 'Fete Basque' section starts with a Basque drum. What do they sound like? Vinter gives a snare drum with snares off as an alternative. I think it's possible that this alternative was chosen as the closest sounding percussion instrument available at the time for the majority of bands. So, is there any other alternatives that may sound more authentic?

James McFadyen

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A Basque drum is a type of Tabor.

It's kindy like a very high bass drum but with more 'crack'. I guess u could compare it to a Bodhran Irish Drum in terms of sound only, not in playing style, obviously! :wink:

A strap is wraped around the player and the drum is positioned at the hip and hit there.

I think it originated in France.

I'm sure the info above is correct, or at least it is to the best of my knowlege.


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Apparently Preston Contest (and I think the Northwest Area as well) are providing a proper "Basque Drum" for Vizcaya, so we'll get to see this weekend.


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From what I can gather, a bask drum is similar to the old style drums used in civil wars. You know the ones I mean, soldiers marching across fields with a drummer at the front using a drum that has rope tensioners down the side and a high rim!! That's what I reckon anyway



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tewkeshorn said:
An interesting one for percussion this, what with the basques and then followed by some slapstick :)

Yes, at one point there's a big clash cymbal crash, then slapsticks stright on the bar (I'd remember what letter it is -roundabout "P"- but it's 14 hours since rehearsal and already I've forgotten :oops: ) . If you haven't got 2 percussionists then it's impossible to do both!
Vizcaya really needs 3 percussionists, but how many 3rd section bands have 3?

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