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What's the biggest gap you've had in your playing career?

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Is there anyone online from Barnton Silver Band in Cheshire? I'm really interested in joining your band but you are elusive to say the least!
If anyone knows Steve Yates I'm going to have to ring him this time rather than email.
See you soon?
BMB :lol:


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I believe "McEuphie" plays for Barnton, if I remember rightly. Find his name in the Member list (You can sort them alphabetically) and send him a PM.


Incidentally, my girlfriend knows someone who plays for them too! If McEuphie proves elusive, I could ask her to try and get some info on them for you?


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Thanks for the info fishsta. :D I've sent a pm off to McEuphie (and I have a strange feeling I know who he is, or at least I will when I see him...).

Trying to break back into banding is harder than you might think if you haven't played for 10 years and have no instrument...I may have to ask you to use your mole.

ian perks

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Had car accident.

Played at a contest 2 weeks later and did not enjoy it at all.
Was asked to step down to play 2nd Baritone that was just the ticket i needed to say
"I AM HAVING A REST for a few months(6).


I left Shirley Silver back in about 84 and left without an instrument (just a mouthpiece) buzzed on that for about 9 months until I joined City of Birmingham


Two and a half years ago, i found a lump on the inside of my lip, the doctor didnt know what it was so i had to go to hospital to get it removed and sent away for tests, luckily it was nothing serious but cos i had had an operation and stitches, it meant i was out of action until it healed properly which was about 7 weeks.
It was so annoying, why is it that when u cant do something u want to do it more? In those those 7 weeks all i wanted to do was practice. :-?

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