Barnsley Building Society at St. James's Park


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Barnsley Building Socirty Band are playing in St. James's Park (in London) on Saturday from about 3pm. If anyone wants to come and play for the day there might still be seats on the bus so go to our website and phone a contact number.


Hi Zanna welcome to the mouthpiece. Abs and I are still deciding whether to come up to Harrogate for the finals. I think Sparkly is very keen on the idea.

Richard Greenwood


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St James Park

The weather and crowds on Saturday at St James were fantastic. Fortunately the band were located in the shade of trees and the "bandstand" canopy and we had an excellent concert.

The soloists were greatly appreciated by the audience - Alan Garbutt (Principal Cornet), Emma Foggerty (Flugel), Paul Hanby (Solo Horn) and Christian Hines (Solo Tombone).

Only downer on the day was the 6+ hours to get from Barnsley to London; traffic on M1 from Junction 15 down was stood due to an accident. Spent 2 hours travelling round the beautiful Bedfordshire scenery.


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Sounds like a good day out, unfortunately i was still on holiday so couldn't make it.(same excuse applies for that Scarborough Killamarsh gig Francis, sorrry mate had my phone off when i was away and couldn;t do it anyway)

Will make my return to BBSBB tonight as soon as I work up the enthusiasm to pack my car and actually leave Newcastle!

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