Baritone Solo for Grade 3/4

Hi there,

I am interested in finding a Baritone Solo for my Youth Band. The player is probably grade 4, maybe at a push grade 5. I would like to know what good solos there are out there?

Any suggestions?

David Evans

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I am going to see the pantomime 'Cinderella' soon, and as a Baritone player I have considerable empathy with her, I wonder why?


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I am too (not wishing to sound big headed but I firmly believe myself to be the finest Baritoneist in our house and probably the whole street). We could be the ugly sisters


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As the Baritone is such a versatile instrument regardless of grade, any Solo arranged for Bb will do especially Euph. ones?

But i'd leave Pixie Dust well alone :):):)

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