Bare-faced cheek......


I'm running the London Marathon hoping to raise £3000 for the Anthony Nolan Trust. This is the first marathon for someone who this time last year thought exercise was walking to the bar and smoked forty fags a day!

I know I'm not the most active member of these forums (or is it fora??) but the cause is important enough to have the cheek to ask you all for sponsorship.

Please, at least, have a look at

The Anthony Nolan Trust does superb work (and I wouldn't have known if I wasn't a member of tMP) and any sponsorship helps.

Thanks in advance :lol:


Just as a thought-if each of the tMP members sponsored me a quid (there's 1790 of them), it would pay for 25 new donors to go on the register 8)

Jo Elson

I tried to sponsor you but the page for my card details kept playin up so i will try again some other time.
I'm already on the bone marrow register and, being a very good cause and all, i went on the website to put my tmp pound forward.
But i got very scared by the tick boxes of £50, £100 etc so havnt donated yet...


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Anonymously sponsored a fiver....
I'm not allowed to give blood, does this mean I can't be a bone marrow donor too?


shedophone, ignore those categories every penny helps :shock:

You're on the register, which is the best place to be :twisted:

Thankyou Badger's Mammy, I don't know the answer to your query!


Off to Blackpool for the Regionals now....

if you want to sponsor me in person, I'll be in the Galleon Bar on Sunday afternoon wearing MCB drinking gear (sounds good but it's only polo shirts)!

I will be carrying forms :p


Thanks to anyone who sponsored me!! The generosity of sponsors has my sponsorship total hovering just over £2K at the moment, which is fabulous :p

Did the Marathon (hence new avatar), quite an experience (especially the last four miles which hurt quite a lot)!

Edinburgh Marathon in 6.5 weeks but that's just for fun 8)

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