Bank Card Cloning/Copying.


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I've seen it on the news several times but you never expect these things to happen to yourself!!!

Went to draw some money from the cash machine today, knowing that my wages had gone in over night, machine said I had insufficient funds.

Called the telephone banking service and some *beep* *beep* (self moderated) had emptied my bank account of its entire contents Whilst I was asleep during the morning after working a night shift.

Seems that my card was copied when I used it in a cash machine, and used in london to rid me of my (not so) hard earned weekly wage. The account has been empty since I withdrew the last £5er from it on tuesday night after band practice and I know the whereabouts of the card all the time.

Now I would say I am very careful when I use cash machines. I've seen the warnings on the telly that you shouldn't use cash machines if there seems to be anything unusual about them (extra bits etc) and I always check that there is no-one looking over my shoulder when I put my PIN in but someone must have seen my number.

Obviously, I've reported it to the police and the bank. The Local (cambridge) Police have forwarded the details onto the Metropolitan police, as the fraudulent transaction was made in london.

Anyone else had this happen to them? I've seen it on the news but not actually known of anyone that has had this happen to them.

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Our local papers etc have been warning for a couple of weeks now about a couple of gangs in the area that are "fixing" cash machines, but I've not heard of anyone getting caught by it yet.

Really sorry to hear that you've lost all your cash, do you have any chance of claiming any of it back (not sure if there's anything set up yet to protect people such as yourself)?


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The bank have said that I will get my money and any charges incurred back if it is proven to be a fraudulent transaction. Could take over a month to get it back though.


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yep it has happened to card details were used over the internet after being copied from a cash machine!!! complete 'modded'..... shouldnt take a month to get the cash back... a week at the latest once you've filled the forms out!! good luck bud 8)


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For my next public information service announcement....

How to use a Bank Machine these days.

1) Run your finger along the card slot. If you feel anything unusual, e.g. a thin wire, pull it out, walk away with it, don't get your fingerprints anywhere else on it, and phone the police. Unless you're in an isolated spot, in which case just walk away, be aware of anyone nearby, they might be waiting for it.

2) Run your palm and fingers all around the keypad. Anything loose, pull it off. It may be a membrane that records your PIN number.

3) Feel along the top of the machine (near the illuminated bank sign they usually have). Anything there may be a camera.

4) If you're satisfied you're safe, and there's no-one stood too close, go for it.

5) When it comes to entering your PIN, hold your palms over all the buttons so that anyone peeking cannot see what you press.

You should be safe with that.

There's two main scams going here:

1) The Plastic wallet
This is inside the card slot. Your card is prevented from being read properly, and is also prevented from being ejected afterwards. Pulling on the exposed wire will release it. This is used in conjunction with either the membrane recording your PIN, or someone watching you, often offering helpful advice like "That machine just swallowed my card too!"

2) The camera.
With a video of your card number and details, and a video of you entering your PIN, these days they have enough to clone your card, and then use it wherever they like.

Hope this helps.

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