Bands in the Rotherham Area - a follow up

Hi all

Many thanks to everyone who posted on my last post on this topic.

Now that I am settled in my new job, I think it is time for an update.

My cousin and I are looking to join a band in the Rotherham area, ideally a Flugal seat and a Front Row Cornet seat with a 3rd / 4th section band, working down the cornet rank for higher sections.

There is one small problem though.

I love contesting, but my cousin doesn't, so a mixture of contesting and good "gigs" is essential !

I know there are bands like Grimethorpe and Cartlon Main in the area, but I'd struggle to play 14th triangle with them !

Many thanks



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Rotherham Bands

Hi Farmer Giles and cous (que music from Deliverance here: you know the one de da de da de twang on the bango).

Amongst your list of bands near Rotherham, Colin, Tim and Daniel all forget to mention Killamarsh Silver Band (which is odd because Tim and Daniel both played for us) and I dep for Colin at Barnsley.

Perhaps it's because we don't compete but we work seriously hard at our concert programmes and have plently of good gigs. We have just appointed a new conductor and we regularly get 28 plus at all the rehearsals. Off to Holland last week in August (see separate thread in Players Wanted). We have 4 seats left on the coach and we are reserving these for cornet players - could be yours.

Take a look at the web site for details of previous tours to Europe and list of jobs for the summer.

We practice Wednesday 7.30 to 9.00 and Sunday 5.30 to 7.30 at the St Giles Church Hall, Killamarsh about 6 miles from Rotherham centre.

pm or email me if you are interested ion coming along for a blow.


Just another suggestion - you could do worse that contact Chapeltown Band, Sheffield. A very friendly bunch with a good mixture of engagements, concerts and contests to suit everyone. I think they had a post on the recruitment section. Good luck anyway. Shame your not heading to Scotland ??

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