BandRoom Injuries


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I suppose my best injury, though not in a bandroom but on the way to a concert, is:

I was getting dressed and ready to leave, and had left my mouthpiece to soak in the kitchen. Having dried it off and been in a rush I left it next to the sink. On the way out the door, grabbing my mouthpiece, I didn't realise the iron was still on...

I promptly managed to scold my right arm from my wrist almost to my elbow. Cue lots of wet bandages and cursing profusely...

Still made it to the concert, but hurt like hell for the next week since I'd played with it as a fresh wound, every time I depressed a valve it was agony!

Australian Euphonium said:
"don't worry about me, save my eupho, save my eupho"

I collapsed at a concert about a year ago, and all I seemed to worry about was where my "baby" was and if it was ok! :oops:

I couldn't stand on my own, yet I wouldn't be taken out to get air and be checked till I had my trumpet in my hand... :roll:


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This didn't happen to me thankfully, but there was an 'incident' where one of the Guards bands were having a rehearsal and the DofM threw a baton at someone hitting him in the eye. I believe there was quite a 'bit' to sort out afterwards!


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A few years ago, we rehearsing for the areas, and the MD was slowly but surely losing touch with reality. He threw his baton down, called for a 10 minute break and asked the perussion section to go outside for a 'quiet word'. He put one of the percussionists up against the wall, and told him what he thought. The percussionist's reply was to storm back into the bandroom and get his sticks.
The MD spent the rest of the rehearsal trying to stem the blood coming from his nose, where a drumstick had paid it a 'visit'. he never conducted us again after that contest.


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Top 3 trombone common trombone injuries!
.....Catching finger in between slide and 1st :(
.....Hair caught/tangled in trigger :x
.....Finger stuck between tuning slide and trigger slide :evil: :evil: :evil:


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We didn't have a break in rehearsal on Monday so by the end I was desperate for the loo. I was in such a rush to the little girls room I smacked my hand on the wall on the way in...... owwwwww!
I now have the mother of all bruises, a chipped bone and 2 fingers on my RIGHT hand strapped together, and a contest on Sunday! :shock:


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Officially I have to keep my hand raised and immobile for 5 days. Yeah..... right!!!
Luckily its only 3rd and 4th fingers so I should be ok except for some of the wiggly passages. I'll just keeping taking those lovely little tablets :D


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