Banders soap - The Return!


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Well, here it is - the loooong awaited return of the banders soap! I'm afraid it may not be up to its usual standard :oops: cos I was doing it all on my own! Still, enjoy...another episode soon(ish!)


It was a wet and windy day in Boozer Street, and not much was happening as it was Sunday afternoon. Dyl was out at work, as his new job as a dustman, and GeordieColin was painting the few random benches and bins that populated the pavement. (The street was looking a bit run down due to neglect from its creators!) Meanwhile, In the Banders and Beer, the few die-hard drinkers were chatting about the caption competition - The Cornet King in particular was very enthusiastic about recreating the November picture. While Mike Saville and Solobaritone were slugging lazily on pints, CG was lecturing beard_4b and Darth Tuba about their brushing technique. Roger, along with Keppler, Dyl, SQ, Peter Bale, Fishsta and The Music Man were busy in discussing the 12 months live awards with excitement!
Big Twigge and twigglet were discussing sandwiches - they had opened a café/newsagents with Keppler! The banders could go in and enjoy a coffee or even dare try one of the Twigge’s latest concoctions, while flicking over a copy of Banding Babes. All was calm and peaceful - well, apart from the blaring of the bass trombone quartet that had been set up. (BoozyBTrombone, MoominDave, Blondie and Neiltwist.) In fact, it was suspiciously calm…..
Meanwhile, not so far away in the bandroom, a mysterious figure was sifting suspiciously through the bands library. She carried a thick folder under her arm, and was wearing a false moustache and sunglasses. Suddenly, a car drew up outside. Startled, she dashed out of the fire exit, out into the barren wasteland of the Boozer Street allotments….
That evening, as the band had their unofficial pre-rehearsal meeting (in the pub, naturally) everyone was happy and relaxed - apart from one person.
“Where’s that girl?!” exclaimed Dinie.
“Who?” enquired Dave Payn.
“Vickitorious - I haven’t seen her all day.”
Just then Vicki burst through the door. “Yay I’m here in time!”
“But not in time for a drink!” chuckled TheMusicMan. “Come on guys, its 5:28 - down to the bandroom everyone.”
But when they got there, they discovered something terrible - worse than they could ever had imagined…..

Brought to you by Groovy!


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Alternatively we could each write a paragraph, like the Bander's story. Or write a day's episode each! :d

Nice one groovy ! :wink:


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Mike Saville said:
Nice one Groovester.

I'll now have to try and perfect the lazy slugging of a pint!! (Any tips anyone? Anyone??).

Failing that, you could always try the lazy painting of a slug :!: :wink: :lol:


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Okiedokie of Oz said:
another story left unfinished!!!

This is not very supportive to the audience's needs!!!!

Maybe we need a "Banding Neighbours", or "Contesting Home & Away" :?: :wink: :lol:


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I was thinking of something more on the lines of "Banding . . . everybody needs good banding . . ." :lol:


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Major casting error though.

I very much doubt i would be painting bins and benches if there was some hardcore drinking to partake in methinks

But great to see the soap back!!

Can we get Harold Bishop to make a guest appearance with his tuba??

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