Band Uniform at Contests

Should the Women wear skirts at contests?

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blondie said:
It would be nice if our band could afford to get marching out jackets and ties, but t-shirts are a very versatile and cheaper alternative. This was done for WJB in time for the nationals and we now tend to wear them for concerts and contests in general.

We can't affort them either, so have t-shirts and rugby shirts for everyone, they're optional though. Most people used to have them a couple of years ago, but the bands changed a lot since then and only a few original people are left, so not many people have the rugby shirts, t-shirts were more recent so more people have them if u catch my drift....

just read that back and it doesn't make sense at all. oh well.

Phil Green

Supporting Member
Matthew said:
Any Scottish bands here that all wear Kilts out of interest?!

The CO (CWS Glasgow) took to the stage in full Scots attire at the European (entertainment section) in 90/91(?), including a fully kilted Howard Snell, who walked on half way through the first number. They had a standing ovation before they played their first note and when Howard walked on..... the crowd went wild.


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