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Just sitting here as I am trying to work out the band budget for the year ahead, I wonder what sort of requirements bands generally place on their treasurers? As amateur organisations there is an immense amount of faith given to the holders of the purse strings and sometimes I find it a bit scary that the rest of my band leaves me completely to get on with it, although the vote of trust which is implied is great too!
My own band rules require that the accounts are audited by an independent, qualified accountant prior to presentation at the AGM. I am also required to produce the funding request that we submit annually to our sponsors and to attend a meeting of some 20 non-banders and be in a position to answer any question on our financial activities. Then, once the cheque comes in, I have the fun job of saying "no" on principle any time anyone wants to spend any money. In fact at one AGM I was referred to as the ducks ar*e treasurer - I took that as a compliment!

There is a fair bit of money which goes through a band in a year, and I suspect my own band is nowhere near the top of the turnover league - what do others do?

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We have pretty much the same set up as you except that we don't have sponsors (If you're reading this and fancy sponsoring an up an coming band pm me please!!) to present accounts to, but we to have them independantly audited before an AGM.
I think you'll find most bands are the same. The treasurer has an enourmous amount of faith placed in him in most of the bands you'll visit and I think it's to the massive credit of the brass banding fraternity that so much trust (and honesty on the part of the treasurers) abounds.


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We use the same system, with independent auditing. It isn't such a huge act of faith since the treasurer is expected to provide a report for our monthly committee meetings, so if there was a problem (which there never has been!) it would be picked up quite quickly.


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Our last four treasurers all had different MOs.

Last but two -very laid back, paid up almost on time, presented accounts annually.

Last but one, tidied up a few anomalies, but due to personal circumstances could not stay on.

Previous - reduced the amount of debtors from "significant" to "minor". Had to give up when work transferred them across the globe.

Current - has streamlined things, made the paperwork sensible, convinced people to set up Standing Orders thereby making the income flow more regular.

For me, the most important aspect of the treasurer's job is to keep confidential agreements about concessions made between a member, (in our case) the chair and the treasurer. As we have no set concessionary rate, players experiencing financial problems approach the chair, and an arrangement is made. I see it as no-one else's business, not even the secretary.

On auditing, unless it's specifically in your constitution, the auditor doesn't need to be qualified. From the year, we'll be using my lil bro, who has 15 years experience in banking, latterly in fraud prevention. He can spot a foible at 60 feet and fraudulent activity at 3 miles. (And a good curry at 300 miles.)

Just my tupennyhalfpennyworth.


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Our accounts have to be independantly audited too, before being presented at the AGM. We also have a rule that if the treasurer or committee want to spend more than a fixed amount in one go (£1000 I think) then the proposal has to go before the band to vote on. I've never known it not get approved though.....
Speaking as an Accountant, if any band treasurers are having any probs with book keeping - there is a brill software package called Money Manager - it's so easy and fast to use - and can do almost anything that you want it to. I use it all the time for my business.

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