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Hi all,

I'm not a regular poster here although I do lurk here periodically to listen to the gossip! However, I've popped up to let you know that I've been working on a social network for a client of mine (I'm a web developer) and I thought that it might be useful to have a similar site for brass banders.

Using the same software, I've put a very simple website up at and added a few bits to it to show how it can be used (i.e. created a group for my band and the L&SC regionals, and shared some videos from YouTube). It's very much like Facebook where you can share photos, videos, and create events and groups etc but it's purely for brass band stuff, so you can have groups for particular bands, share band videos, vacancies, brass band news etc. There is a forum option but TheMouthpiece is a much better place for forum type discussions so I've left that switched off. If you want to write something a bit more formal then there's a blog option

Please feel free to have a play and use as you see fit – it's the sort of site that thrives on the creativity and use of its users rather than the guy that runs it! I'm curious to see how it would be used as I might be able to use some of the ideas for my clients, but essentially it's yours to use however you want. If it doesn't get much use then I can take it down easily enough so it's not a big deal. If it gets used then I can put a bit more work into it.

There's no charge to use it and at the moment you can browse without being registered. If you have any comments or suggestions (or find any bugs!) then let me know – either via the contact form on in this thread in the forum.


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