Band Required, For Keen Horn Player


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im 17, grade 6 distinction horn player, VERY bored with my band at the moment,
i live in the centre of cheshire, close to northwich, and needs a section 2/3 band i can play solo for (or 1/2 i can play 1st/2nd for)
as my band isnt stretching me at the moment,

wondering whats out there?

pm me, or reply to this message

Not sure how far you want to travel, but Moston and Beswick are just outside Manchester city centre. (Just checked multimap-apparently it's 30 mins drive). We are a first section band in need of a first horn player, but our solo horn player has said he'd move down if we found somebody who would rather play solo than 1st. Interested? E-mail me


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thanks moy, i found the site, i need to give this some great thought before i leave my current band (read war zone, to understand)

kell x

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