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Hi, Cor blimey, what a subject Band politics!!!!!!!!!
Nearly every band suffers from them and if you don't your lucky, committees always take the blame when things don't go to plan (what Plan?) anyway being on a commitee can be a thankless job bit like being the band secretary, but most members of band committes are there cos they care about the band and are willing to contribute to it.
Well, that's my ten bob's worth anyway........


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I notice that no Wem members have replied :lol:

Well, being a Wem member and a committee member, I'll have first go then!

Politics is a bad thing. The unfortunate thing is that politics can sometimes (if you let it) stop a committee or a band from taking the right and (usually) common sense approach. The one thing I think that keeps slipping the minds of certain members of certain committees, is that the committee is set up BY the band FOR the band. Any decision taken should be for the general good of the band. Certain bands can be the 'victim' of good but over zealous treasurers for example. Having said this, certain decisions have to be taken which may not meet with the approval of the whole band. It's unfortunate that this happens but it is necessary to ensure the continued running of the band and often the continued survival of the band too. I think in essence, committees should take the common sense approach to decisions affecting the band, at least this way, even if the decision taken is a little unpalateable, at least you can be sure it's the common sense and (usually) right decision.



I think a lot depends on the type of people that you have within your organisation. We have a small committee of six of whom five are players. The committee essentially exists to provide administrative support to the MD who has sole responsibility for musical policy and player seating etc. The committee ensures that engagements are booked, the correct contests entered with coaches organised etc and ensures that it is possible for those players that just want to turn up to play without worrying about the running of the band as a whole, to do so. Inevitably, some of the bigger decisions are put to the band to discuss, and generally things get talked over before and after rehearsals (and inbetween, through the joys of email) so I think it is fair to say that there is almost always consensus around the decisions made. We are also very lucky that the band clique includes everyone!

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