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There should be very few reasons for players ever to be sacked from a brass band

People are there for their own personal enjoyment.

I appreciate that when bands progress, they occasionally leave some players behind, but this is no reason for player sacking. Players can still be part of a band and not contest, bands do play in many other events.

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From what I see of bands today there are simply not enough players to warrent sacking of people from positions.

Bands have to settle with what they have as there is no one around who is better. This can be very frustrating as it can be seen as holding the standard of the band back but what choice is there?

On the flip side of this there is the sacking of players for reasons other than playing. Maybe they have behaved badly or are causing undue suffering to more than one person in the band, in this case sacking is justied for the well being of the organisation and the will of the majority should by adhered too.


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Since this band was formed (Old Hall) 15 years ago, we haven't sacked anyone. Anyone who has left has done so with the band's blessing and most have gone into retirement. One has joined a championship section band. As the band is the committee, including the 'officers' (secretary, treasurer etc) and no one holds 'private' meetings, we have very little in the way of politics.

We have managed to stay friends as we have moved from 4th to 1st section and we impressed on our recent interviewees for the post of MD (when Neil Parkinson retired) that the band would continue to work that way. We try to keep everything open and above board - I think the PC term for this is transparency. No one suffers if everyone knows what's going on.

Most of us are happy to move if it is for the good of the band. One year 14 people swapped seats. It was obviously to the band's benefit because we won the areas that year. what more can one ask?