Sold/Expired Band Photo's, etc

James McFadyen

New Member
As part of the on-going commitments to the needs of musicians and music-makers, Devilish Publishing has launched a new service....


You can have your band photograph, logo, player photograph, whatever you want really, so long as it meets our Manufacturer's size requirements!


now to get more info and have a look at what the finished product looks like!! The image takes a minute or so to 'come-up' This will be fixed shortly.

If you need more info that's not already available on the site, please do not hesitate to pm me!

We are also working on our own selection of images are are currently compiling a catalogue of ready-made plaques of imstruments, musicians, etc. All of these will be music-based. If you have any suggestions, then please do not hesitate to ask!


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